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What We Can do for you

We don’t just teach our trainees to pass their Driving Test. All our trainees are taught the Driving Skills they’ll need for their Driving Test and so much more. We understand how important it is to make sure our trainees are 100% confident and capable of a lifetime of safe driving, which is why we’re here for all our trainees, from provisional driving licence to full licence holder and onward to their first car.

We tailor each lesson to the  individual learning style and create a bespoke driving plan to ensure each trainee gets the right instructor for them, in the time frame required and within budget.


best service

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Best time training

You can choose your team on weekdays after work or on weekends

We train all ages

we take into account the age of individual moments.

Individual approach

to everyone we have our own approach.

Calm instructor

practical training for you will be happy.

duplicate pedals

Cars equipped with duplicate pedals - avtoinstruktor always insures you.

all documents

The full package of documents at the end - you get all the documents at the end of

best classroom

Equipped classrooms - all done according to the rules and laws